Parenting while working online

parenting while working online

It is not always easy being a parent.  In fact, it is quite often very difficult. Being a work at home mom is not easy. Juggling a job while parenting at the same time is hard.

One of the hardest parts for me is not letting the time I spend doing my job impact on my parenting.  When I am in the middle of a seemingly important task, it can be tempting to turn on the TV, not get dinner on time, and basically ignore my parenting responsibilities while I get my work done.  In some ways, balancing work and parenting can be easier with a job outside the home.  It can be more clear cut when is work time and when is family time.

To handle this, I try to be very strict with what time I spend working and when.  There are times when I need to get some work done when the kids are around, but I try to limit this.  I do most work in the evenings and some on the weekend while my husband spends quality time with the kids. Another good idea is to get some help.

I find I do need to log on first thing in the morning and catch up on email, social media, check my sites are all running etc.  I do what I can before the kids get up, but often I do this while they are eating breakfast.

Another thing you’ll want to do is save time in any way possible. I recommend investing in some appliances which make your life easier. I’ve recently purchased an air fryer after reading about the benefits. It has drastically reduced my cooking time meaning I have more time for both kids and work. Plus using the best air fryer is healthier! You can read more about them on Air Fryer Kitchen.

When my youngest is napping in the middle of the day, I also log in again and do some work online for about an hour.  During this time, my older kids have some chill time with the television.  They need this down time anyway, so this approach works well for all of us.

It takes discipline to keep to this schedule, and I do work during the day when the kids are playing sometimes.  I enjoy my work, and it can be hard to stop at times, but it is also important to remember why I started to be a work at home mom in the first place – to be at home with the kids, so I try to keep the disruptions to my parenting as minimal as possible.

Here are some more tips and you can also read my article about parenting on the move.

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