Niche sites review

I have mentioned my niche sites a lot on here but haven’t really given any details. Now that this avenue of work has been a success for me, I think it’s time to share more.

Firstly, if you are unsure what a niche site is, check out my article here.

My niche sites

I currently have four niche sites. They all are product focused and have a ton of links to Amazon. They each make between $200 – $2000 per month. You can see why I love them!

Two of the niche sites are about household products, one is about cooking and the other is about skiing gear. I wrote all of the content myself initially, but I have recently started outsourcing some articles. I feel like I have become an expert in all of those areas!

It isn’t hard to write the content yourself as long as you are willing to learn. It can be boring though.

Working out my topics

I had the ideas for my niche sites by using Google AdWords Keyword Planner. I looked for good strong buying keywords, like “best kitchen knives” or “blender reviews”, where the competition was not too high in the first page of Google search. I then wrote great guides to whatever it was the keywords were about.


The biggest mistake I made was making all my niches very small. If I found a great keyword, like the kitchen knife example above, then I made a site that was just about kitchen knives. With hindsight, I would have made the site about kitchen products in general so I had more space to grow.

It’s a lot of work to build a niche site and find links for them. It would have been far easier if I had had one big niche site rather than 4 little ones. On the upside, it is diversifying my income sources more though.

Should you build a niche site?

Yes! Honestly, it wasn’t that hard. It was just about getting started and working hard on it for the first month or two and then the income has been relatively passive. I highly recommend niche sites as a great income source. I am very happy that I took this approach.

My biggest tip is to get started today – stop thinking about it and just do it!

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