Blogging or niche sites?

I have been asking myself the question lately – blogging or niche sites?

Should I build more niche sites or try to enter the blogging arena more fully? I have this blog but I don’t put much effort into it – mostly because it doesn’t make any money and I have to be strategic about where I spend my time.

I love my niche sites and how easy they have been for me to make money. However, I also love the idea of spending more time on this blog and having an outlet where I can be me and help others. The problem with blogging is that, from what I read, it can be a lot of effort up front before I am likely to earn money. It is a lot of time to dedicate just in the hope that it ends up being worth it financially.

The other problem is that I would like to keep blogging about the topics that I write about on here – basically how I have been able to build a successful online business as a mom. However, this space online is full of so many fake people and scammers that I feel like readers automatically are skeptical of people who blog about these topics. I hate the idea that people would think I was a fake 🙁

The other thing that has me thinking about this is that I am bored of niche sites. They are great and have helped me financially tremendously. However, I need a new challenge! I think blogging could be a good way to have a new challenge while using what I have learned from niche sites.

I’d love to know what you think. What would you do if you were me? Stick with what is working or try something new? Would you read this blog and follow me? Or would you deem me untrustworthy just for writing about working online?

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