Top 8 ways to avoid work online income scams

Tips to avoid online work scams

There are many wonderful work at home options in the online job world. Unfortunately there are also many scams. Here are my top ten ways to avoid internet work online income scams.

1. If it sounds too good to be true, it is

This sounds obvious, but it is amazing how many intelligent people are sucked into scams which sound too good to be true.  Unfortunately, the old axiom that there is no such thing as a free lunch is true.  There are good work online options out there, but you are going to have to work.

2. Be skeptical

An advertisement that popped up in my browser recently showed someone’s supposed bank account with a voice over about how this footage can not be faked.  Of course it can.  Be skeptical of any claims.

3. Do your own research

One good way to find out if a work online income deal is legitimate is to do an internet search.  Try searching for the company and job offer and see what others are saying…  Or check out sites like this one!

4. Check out for common scams

This site is run by the National Consumers League and has lots of useful information about common work online income scams.

5. Ask for references of other people they have worked with

Call these people and ask them about their experiences.  A legitimate company will have no problems finding references for you.

6. Be weary about any opportunity that requires money up front

You shouldn’t have to pay for training, instruction manuals etc.  If someone is asking for money upfront, ask them why.  Ensure you get all information about the deal in writing – including what exactly you are paying for and what they will pay you for and what each of your rights and responsibilities are.

7. If you do pay money, pay via credit card

If you pay via credit card rather than cash, then you have some chance to be able to recover the money if it is a work online income scam.

8. If you have a funny feeling, trust it

Finally, listen to your gut.  If you have followed all the advice above and you are still not sure, leave this opportunity and look for others.  You will find something!

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