Making money with niche sites

There’s a way of making money online that has caught my eye lately and that’s niche sites.

What is a niche site?

Basically, you make a website based on a product that people like to search for online. You write lots of reviews and comparison charts and basically have a site packed full of information about that product which can help other people make up their mind about which one to buy.

You then have lots of links on the site to those products on Amazon. People come to your site, read your reviews, click on a link to Amazon, buy the product and voila! You make a commission from Amazon.

How hard is it to build a niche site?

It is not hard. Anyone with a bit of WordPress knowledge could knock one up quickly particularly if they build it about a product they already know a lot about. The idea is to put a stack of information up in the beginning and then there is not much need to keep working on the site ongoing. Basically it is work upfront and then once it is all worked out, lovely passive income should keep coming in month after month, year after year.

So what’s the drawback?

The hard part is getting people to the site that are your target audience. That is, people who want to buy your product and will click on your Amazon links and make a purchase.

The most popular way to get this audience is to use SEO to gain readers from Google search. This is what I plan to do on a niche site I am going to build.

This is not that straight forward and it requires a good grasp of SEO. I am enjoying learning more about it.

The first thing I have to do is find a good product that lots of people search for and for which there isn’t a lot of sites already. I then have to look for lots of keywords which are the words people type in to Google when they are looking to learn more about the product in question. Then I have to write articles that use these keywords.

After this, I need to encourage other people to link to my niche site. Links from other sites on the internet are like a vote to that website and it helps them rank better in Google. This step will be the hardest. Thankfully, I have a good online network of people with websites so I am hoping they will help me out.

Next Steps

I love the idea of passive income from a niche site so I am going to give building one a go. My next step is to work out which product will be most profitable and then I will get researching and writing!

You can now read my guide to gettingĀ links.

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