How to get links for your websites

As I said in my last update, I have decided to build a niche site. I always love the challenge of something new and the idea of a site that requires little maintenance but can bring me income forever is very appealing.

Link building for my niche site

I have built the website now and have started link building – this is what I have found most difficult! I basically found that there were three approaches I could take:

  1. Buy links. This would be the easiest but the most risky. The problem with buying links is that anyone you buy them from is also selling them to lots of other people so Google is more likely to work out that you are doing something sketchy and penalise your site.
  2. Build a Private Blog Network (PBN). A PBN is basically when you build a whole lot of sites with the express purpose of using them to link to your niche site. Usually people use expired domains for their PBN – that is, domains that people have already used in the past that already have links to them so that the links that they build to their niche sites are more powerful. This takes a fair bit of time and can be costly. However, it means that I would have total control over my links – what they say and where they point and how I use them.
  3. Guest post and other white hat approaches. My last alternative is to guest post on other websites. Basically, I write a great post for another site and they allow me to link to my site in the post. This is probably the best way to go about link building as it carries low risk of Google de-indexing my niche site. However, it takes time to build relationships so I can guest post and I don’t have much control over the links.

I have decided to stick with point 3 – guest posting. I have put a lot of effort into my site and I want it to last a long time! This seems like the safest approach so I want to stick to it.

I do have some advantages though as I already know a lot of bloggers and other people with sites so it will not take me long to get a list of opportunities.

Wish me luck!

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