2015 in review

It’s been a busy year for me – too busy really as I didn’t meet one of my New Years resolutions – growing this site!

I have been busy with my current online work and raising my three kids. It’s been a big year. 2016 will hopefully be a good year for this site though!

My second child started school this year which helped free up a lot of time. She was not happy at the beginning but, thankfully, she was happy after about a month.

It’s been nice to have special time with my youngest at home all alone, although sometimes I can find this makes things tougher as he needs a lot more attention from me with no one else to play with.

A big thing for us this year was a summer trip to Europe. We took all three kids and had a fabulous fortnight travelling around Italy. We visited Rome, Florence, Venice and Verona and I was surprised by just how much we all enjoyed it, including the kids. We are now looking forward to next summer to do it again Рonly we will go to France this time.

We bought a puppy after our trip. She is a lot of work – it’s like having another baby, but she has been a great addition to our family. The kids just love her and I even have them on a schedule of feeding her and helping to walk her. The novelty hasn’t died off yet and I am crossing my fingers that it doesn’t anytime soon.

In less happy news, my mom has been quite sick. She has been in and out of hospital with some problems. Things are looking up now and I am really hoping 2016 will be a better year for her.

All in all, however, 2015 was a good year and we are looking forward to all the crazy challenges to come in 2016!

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